Women’s Walk #85

March 21-24, 2019
Lay Director: Stacey McAllister
Theme: Never Alone

When I was 11 years old my favorite brother was killed by a drunk driver. Even though he was 12 years older than me he made me feel special and went out of his way to spend time with me. I was told by many caring people “he is with God,” “he is one of God’s special angels,” “God must have needed him more!” What about me, I needed my brother. I felt so alone. I spent 10 years being very angry with God. I found a church nearly 10 years to the day of my brother’s death and sitting next to a very kind “grandma” who held my hand, I cried and had a conversation with God where I forgave Him.

Fast forward to my current home church where my oldest daughter was invited to a Sunday morning service. I don’t like to go anywhere by myself, but I would be ok because I would have my teenager and my two younger children with me. We walk into church and the youth group invited my daughter to sit with them, but I would still be ok because I have my younger children with me. Next, it’s children’s moment up front with the Pastor, and then they were invited to Sunday School. Here I sit in a full church but feeling alone in my pew. The Pastor’s sermon that morning was about, “You are Never Alone.”

“Isn’t it amazing how God knows our need, meets us right where we are and that we truly are NEVER ALONE.”

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